Perfect Illusion: Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas residency is the role she was born to play


    While selling upwards of 31 million pop albums, 32-year-old Stefani Germanotta has dressed in meat.
    Broken down the lyrics of her hits into robotic syllables.
    Did appeared in the raw drag persona of a misogynistic ex-lover at the 2011 MTV Awards.
    Sneering on this most public stage that a superstar like her was incapable of expressing real emotion, even in the bedroom.

    As anyone who’s seen her live knows, the big reveal comes when she steps aside from the layers of detachment, irony and extreme theatricality to throw back her head to yell, “Surprise! A pop show, and the bitch can sing!”, right before hurling her mighty heart and lungs into one of her whopping piano ballads.


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